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Today Is A Gift by My-Magic-Dream
Today Is A Gift
I did a thing like a year or two ago that I wanted to but I couldn't draw and I got really really frustrated trying to draw a stupid pony! (btw she is not stupid but is how I felt at the time) and I just left it an said to leave it for my future self because I thought the idea in my head was going great it just wasn't going great on the actual drawing
So I was recently looking though all SAI files that I never cleared and I found it again and decided to draw it again, and OMG!! I really feel drawing has become so much easier! It makes me so happy that I continued drawing even in the days I wanted to stop drawing all together. It also made me realize that my style has changed quite a bit from before.
Edit - yeah... I kinda forgot about the wings.... soo I just drew them on... (btw thank u for your favs and comments, I love you guy for it! and always being so nice to me)
A Little Step Going Down Hill by My-Magic-Dream
A Little Step Going Down Hill
I'll scan it (and all the other drawings that are badly photographed) and update them when I get over my cold/virus/idontknowwhatitisbutihateitsomuchandiwanttogetbettersoon
drawing makes me feel a little better, I forget about everything and Im in a little bubble and nothing else matters but that drawing and that makes me happy
Edit - so I scanned it like I said... he he... thank you guys for commenting an favoriting this picture.. love you guys
Cyber Neko KAITO by My-Magic-Dream
Cyber Neko KAITO
This is actually my first drawing of 2015... I didn't post it till now. I guess its alright cause its still January so I'm not late
 Hope this year is better than 2014!!! :DD I'll hopefully post more here!^^
Edit - I just scanned, so there you have it. I just realized now how revealing it is... hue hue hue, oh well. I still think its a nice drawing
Sea Sunrise by My-Magic-Dream
Sea Sunrise
It's a doodle when I was ill these days, I was just playing around and I actually really like it so here you go c: done with a 0.1 pen and watercolours
btw what stuff would you like to see here? like my college work? stupid doodles' stuff I like? more day to day stuff? also cosplay stuff??? I don't know please say so if you want to see something if you want see less or  more from me :meow: I'll try and make it happen if someone asks
Late Secret Santa 2014 - My Precious by My-Magic-Dream
Late Secret Santa 2014 - My Precious
So happy late secret late Santa to :iconscarlet-songstress: I'm sorry my gift it's so late but there have been a lot of things going on and I've been so stressed and I actually got the flu (I actually still got it he he..) but thanks to the flu I've been able to rest and draw!! and sleep!! * u * I'm feeling so much better :I anyways I hope this is good for you! I was drawing a digital drawing but then my computer kinda died on me and they are repairing it and apparently the whole computer was deteriorating or something like that.. so I'm using my older computer were I can't do a single digital drawing on (sad days...)

ANYWAYS!! they told me to draw one or two character for this secret santa thing but I thought all of them were the cutest things!! so I needed to draw all them but my fav is Valkyria she is a very pretty OC.

BTw! people check her work out!! she does some adorable drawing! and uses some amazing bright colours in her work! she also does plushes!! (they are very cute)  precious


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Artist | Student
United Kingdom
Half English half Spanish human!
I joined DeviantART because my friend suggested and also to enjoy art and improve my art skills so I hope you will enjoy and like my creations as much as I enjoy doing them.
I don't do requests or commissions at the moment.

My Friends in real life and are on Deviant ART:
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:SS2014: Sakura Miracle by ChocoberryLollipop  
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Woooow you're amazing
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Your art is simply splendid and gorgeous! I'm very sad that you don't take commissions, but I understand with all the school stuff and workloads :(
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Such amazing art~! 
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