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Look Sweetie, Here They Come by My-Magic-Dream
Look Sweetie, Here They Come
I felt so guilty about Fluttershy in this picture that I wanted to continue to make it up to her

Im sorry Fluttershy you are to sweet

Mum Rarity will look after you 

and auntie Pinkie Pie will feed you up
Why Do Puddings Cry? by My-Magic-Dream
Why Do Puddings Cry?
a stupid doodle of mochi like ponies, I havent really been inspired for a while and I getting down in general.. I just feel really small at the moment..I havent been able to improve in anyway in my life ..I just feel a little but like a failure at the moment.. not like I want to bring anyone down lmao... 

enjoy the mushy blob like pones 
At Midnight, It Plays The Murmurs of The Clock by My-Magic-Dream
At Midnight, It Plays The Murmurs of The Clock
It Tells of the beginning of the ticking and dreams
               we will sing while searching for you
                    for that someday our voices reach you far away  
                               Stars streams in the night 
                                              The north wind blows over the street
                                                       There's no news from the person I´m waiting for 
                                              So I just Paint the following day

I like drawing the night sky

I have no ideas for backgrounds help

If you are interested of getting a commission from me please check this journal…
Commission - Funny Not Funny by My-Magic-Dream
Commission - Funny Not Funny
A commission for :iconthe-lemming-king: 
this is what he told me about these two which I thought was interesting 
The names I decided to give them are Grace Flora (the not masked one) and Ebony Twist (the masked one). Grace is a calm spirit who spends the majority of her time alone and usually does not enjoy the company of others. Ebony Twist was once a playful trickster who could brighten up any ponies day, but then she acquired the strange mask she currently wears (not quite determined how this happens). She becomes a cruel trickster after putting on the mask, and she earns the nickname "Hollow Ebony" as she is a shadow of her old self.

Currently I trying to refine ideas for these two, but that's the base story for now and I'm working on their story up to their eventual friendship.

If you are interested of getting a commission from me please check this journal…


My-Magic-Dream's Profile Picture
Artist | Student
United Kingdom
Half English half Spanish human!
I joined DeviantART because my friend suggested and also to enjoy art and improve my art skills so I hope you will enjoy and like my creations as much as I enjoy doing them.
I don't do requests but I do take commissions at the moment.

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How much are commissions? Keep up the great art!
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:iconpinkiehappyplz::iconsaysplz:Weeee! Today's the day, everypony!
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